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30" or 52" King Tru-Rip Industrial Rip Fence Systems

Model XL-U30

Model XL-U50



XL U30 50
30 or 50" Rip to right of blade.  Dual position aluminum guide.  The Excelsior duo-Fence industrial rip fence system is designed to fit King table saws and many other brands of imported and domestic table saws

30" or 50" King Industrial Rip Fence System

Model KRF-i30

Model KRF-i50



KRF i30 i50
30 or 50" Rip to right of blade.  These fence systems were designed to fit King KC-26FXT and many other brands of imported and domestic table saws.

King Heavy Duty Universal Mobile Base for Table Saws

Model KMB-1390X

KMB 1390X
Heavy Duty Steel Construction.  Designed specifically for table saws with extension table and support legs.  Extends to a maximum of 74-1/2".  2 x 4" heavy duty wheels, 2 x 3" swivel caster wheels with locking levers and 2 swivel casters
Maximum Capacity 900 lb (408 kg)

King Industrial Router Table and Fence Attachment

Model KRT-100

KRT 100
Router table attachment fits most table saws having a 27" deep table.  Heavy duty cast iron table with 4-way crossed "T" slot.  Aluminum extruded fence.  Can be mounted to right or left side of table saw.
Router table size 20" x 27"
T-Slot (4-way) 3/4" x 3/8"
Router table opening 4"
Table inserts 2 (1", 2-3/8")
Shims 2 (0.7mm, 1.5mm)
Fence board sizei (each) 12-1/2" x 2-3/4"
Dust chute 2-1/2"

King Overarm Blade Cover System with Dust Collection

Model XL-1014

XL 1014
Designed for use with 10" - 14" table saws.  Built-in dust collection system with 4" dust collector hookup and large transparent blade cover for more efficient dust collection.  4" Main boom with telescopic 3" inner boom.  3" Lip on extension table is required for installation.  Table saw, dust collector and 4" dust collector hose not included.  Distance between blade and extension 39-3/4" - 69-5/8"

King Extension Table

Model EXT-5052

EXT 5052
Melamine extension table with 2 support legs (50" - 52" rip).  Fits models KC-10JCS, KC-24FXT, KC-26FXT and KC-10KX.

King Industrial Sliding Table Attachment

Model KST-101

KST 101

Sliding table attachment fits most table saws having a 27" deep table.  Heavy-duty aluminum extruded sliding table with a linear guide mechanism for accurate cuts.  Telescopic crosscutting fence with built-in miter gauge and adjustable flip stop for accurate repeat cuts.   Comes with extension table and 2 support legs.

Sliding Table size:  9" x 47"/Extension Table size 9" x 13-1/4".

Maximum Sliding Table Travel 55"

Maximum Crosscutting Length 48"

Length of Fence 30-3/4" - 37"

King Tenoning Jig

Model K-1500

K 1500
Designed to fit cabinet saws and contractor saws.

King 8" Dado Blade Set

Model KSC-8000

KSC 8000
Carbide tipped 24 tooth AT-B-R dado blades.  Cuts grooves from 1/8" to 13/16" wide.  5/8" arbor, 7,000 maximum RPM.  Combination of bevel-teeth and rakers on the outside blades produces grooves and rabbets whcih are flat bottomed.
2 pc. x 8" x 24 tooth carbide tipped blades
1 pc. x 1/4" carbide tipped chipper
2 pc. x 1/8" carbide tipped chippers
1 pc. x 1/16" carbide tipped chipper
14 piece dado shim set
Carrying case


 King Bed Extension for KWL-1016C Wood Lathe

EXT 1016 Increases the spindle turning capacity to 38"


 King Bed Extension for KC-1218VS Wood Lathe

EXT 1218VS Increases the spindle turning capacity to 44"
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